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Has a sale date been set?  Is your 21 Day foreclosure clock ticking??  

Any property that is behind in payments or already in foreclosure is on a slope of falling into the massive inventory of bank owned foreclosures.

The truth is, the longer you wait to act, the harder it is to get the sale stopped.  It also impacts our negotiating power, and if you don’t do anything, you will eventually run out of options and lose your property to the bank.

We can help and our process is completely free to you as a homeowner! We work with a team of experienced negotiators who specialize in creating win-win solutions for even the most hopeless foreclosure victim.

We have solutions available to stop your foreclosure but time is of the essence.  Call now to see how we can help!

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Find Out How We Can Help

Life Happens, we understand what it feels like to have things occur outside of your control.  Medical issues, disability, unemployment, divorce, death, predatory lending practices, overwhelming repairs, and even criminal action are just some of the situations we've been able to assist with.  Let us help you get back on your feet starting today.

Benefits of a short sale versus a foreclosure:

1) No Mortgage Payments

  • The home is still yours until the Foreclosure is finalized however you no longer are expected to make any mortgage payments.  The process usually takes 6-18 months allowing you time to get back on your feet.

2) No Deficiency Owed

  • With a Foreclosure, the difference of the amount not recovered by the bank is required to be paid back.  This is the amount still outstanding on your mortgage after it has been sold at auction and is generally referred to as a deficiency judgement.

3) It Puts You Back in Control

  • Once the ball starts to roll in a foreclosure, an extremely stressful process begins. Your mailbox starts to fill up with demand letters and confusing documents.  As the sale date approaches, you begin to wonder where you, your family and belongings will go and how you will be able to afford it.

4) It Prevents a Foreclosure

  • A foreclosure adversely affects you in a number of ways.  You receive negative marks on your credit that can make it difficult -- sometimes impossible -- to borrow money for another home, car or major purchase.

5) Credit Preservation

  • From a lender's perspective, it's better to recover a portion of a mortgage loan than to absorb a total loss. A short sale allows both the lender and the homeowner to end up in a better position.

6) Future Mortgages

  • In most situations, you can qualify for another loan after just two years.

7) It Saves You Money

  • The average legal cost to a homeowner going through a foreclosure is around $7,500, according to the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee. If your unable to afford payments, this could eventually lead you to a financial situation where bankruptcy is the only option.

Why do we want to help?

1) Bank Abuse

  • Everyone at some point in their lives falls upon hard times.  With a typical loan doubling in cost over the life time of the loan due to interest, it's unfair to punish home owners for circumstances that occur outside of your control.

2) Gratification

  • We are a local, family owned company and get instant gratification helping others get back on their feet.

3) Rehabilitation

  • We love updating homes and revitalizing our local neighborhoods.  It is our teams passion to bring a property back to their glory.

4) Win-Win for all Parties

  • We find it's a win-win situation for our clients and us.  We help you out of a difficult and trying situation.  You get back on your feet with the ability to save funds during the negotiation period.  You come away in a much better overall financial position and we come away with a property we will treat as our own personal residence.

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